Our services

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  • Real time streaming quotes/live market quotes and data.
  • Back office access for account statements, limits, positions etc.
  • Transfer of funds and control of money.
  • Hassle free trading and secure transactions.
  • Create Customized market watch.
  • Value added information on fundamental and technical aspects of the market.

NSDL Services

  • speed-E facility
  • Pledging of shares
  • Dematerialization of physical shares into electronic form
  • Re-materialization to convert the dematerialized into physical form
  • Intra or Inter depository transfer of securities from one demat account to another


Advantages with IFGL :

  • Investment Advisory Services.
  • Online and Offline Transaction Facilities.
  • Attractive Brokerage.
  • Online Back Office Support.
  • Latest Market News and Views.
  • Trusted and Ethical Business Practices.
  • Dedicated Customer Helpdesk and Relationship Managers.